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Sometimes you feel like you’ve tried everything. Sometimes you have given it your all. What do you do when challenge arrives? YOU SURRENDER IT ALL. I used to think that surrendering was like giving up but it’s not the same at all. Surrendering means releasing the need to control the situation. Surrender means allowing a force and a power greater than you to take care of everything. Surrender means not trying to figure out the solution. Surrender means having faith that somehow it will all work itself out, even if I don’t know exactly how that will happen. Surrendering is very powerful and a tool that so many of us need to use more often in our lives. It is a sign of strength to be able to say “I don’t have the answer right now, so I’m going to just let it be for the time being”. Somehow by doing this it frees up the energy for a miraculous solution to appear. Often it is one you would never have thought of. Once you have surrendered the situation it is important not to dwell on it. Take your focus off it for a while and place your attention on something else that is more pleasurable to you for the time being.

We have all heard that LOVE is the greatest power in the Universe and I know that where there is GREAT LOVE there are also miracles. It is truly a miracle to be given the opportunity to experience GREAT LOVE. It is a miracle to hold the hand of your beloved and feel like you are home. It is a miracle to spend time with the person you love, seeing them smile, hearing them laugh and just sharing with each other. It is a miracle simply to just be in each other’s presence.

This week I encourage you to take a deep breath and just surrender it all. It actually feels really good to just let go and relax, trusting and knowing that everything is being taken care of.

My picture this week was literally served to me at one of my favorite Mediterranean restaurants. I have been going there for several years but this was a first…

Chicken Skewer Heart

Love heaps
Samantha xo

“You don’t have to have life—or relationships—completely figured out to know that you love someone”. – Ben Mathis-Lilley writer for “Slate Magazine”.


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I confess I have a sweet tooth! What does that term really mean? For me it means I am so much more interested in dessert than the main course and if it includes chocolate well that just makes me extra happy! I have mostly given up processed sugar so I find other healthier ways to incorporate my version of a sweet treat.

Now when it comes to LOVE there truly is nothing sweeter!! The sweetness of a text that says “Good Morning my Sweet Love”! The sweetness of BIG hug that just swallows you up! The sweetness of a passion filled kiss from your LOVE when they return home after being away! The sweet sound of their voice on the other end of the phone. And let us not forget the deliciousness of making sweet Love…mmmmm!!!

It would seem to me that the word LOVE and the word SWEET go together in our vocabulary more often than I ever realized. When I look up the word SWEET in the dictionary this is what I discovered – It means: Loveable, Kind, Pleasant, Satisfying, Enjoyable, Rewarding, Pleasing, Appealing, Attractive, Delightful, Adorable, Loveable & Charming. Sounds to me like I just described the perfect LOVE!

I truly believe there is a reason why we refer to our beloved as our SWEETHEART. (That word puts such a huge smile on my face) Because GREAT LOVE is SWEET. It is one of the most DIVINE AND DELICIOUS parts of being alive. It is essential to our well being and it is to be nurtured and cherished.

My picture this week is an adorable reminder that love truly is sooooo sweet!!!!


I encourage you to take some time this week to do something sweet for someone you LOVE.

Love heaps
Samantha xo

“The sweetest feeling in all the world is simply being with the one you love.” – Samantha Rosen


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Communication is defined in the dictionary in several terms:
1. Exchange of information
2. Convey feelings or thoughts
3. Understand one another

We often have individual and different styles of communication and one of the biggest challenges people say is “I don’t understand him/her”. Also many people cannot bear any form of confrontation and would rather hide how they feel just to ‘keep the peace’ but it does not have to be that way. Oftentimes it is just different perspectives.

Communication is actually quite easy when it comes to CREATING GREAT LOVE if you keep in mind the following:

* Being present and listening to what your partner is saying is so very important
* Speaking your truth (this sometimes requires us to step outside our comfort zone to be bold and brave)
* Being open and not defensive to what they have to say
* Allowing your partner the space to express how they feel
* Having calm and peaceful discussions and clearing the air
* Honest, transparent questions and answers

Communicating in this way will create the space for a much deeper loving bond and I guarantee you will feel relief.

This week I encourage you to explore some of the different ways of communicating I have outlined above and see the difference it makes in your relationships.

My picture this week was sitting in the store window in Frankfurt, Germany…It’s what we all want…

German Love Pillow

Love heaps
Samantha xo

“To Love someone deeply gives you strength.” – Lao Tzu


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Sometimes I enjoy receiving a bargain or a discount. I know that it feels good to receive a ‘deal’. However, when it comes to LOVE it should never be discounted. On a physical level the blood flowing through our veins is what keeps us alive and thriving and on a soul level it is LOVE that keeps us alive and either your soul is thriving or withering depending on your capacity to allow LOVE into your life.

Some people who have lost faith in LOVE pretend to themselves that it’s not that important, it’s just a fairytale, that it doesn’t really matter but that’s simply not true. LOVE IS IMPORTANT. It is as vital as our breath. We all want to believe in TRUE LOVE. Why do we have this desire? Because at our very core we know it’s real. We know it exists. We know that it’s exquisite.

One of my favorite songs I would dance to at nightclubs in the 80’s is called “100% Pure Love” by Crystal Waters. That song was always guaranteed to pack the dance floor. Looking back I can see why.

I am the first person to have compassion for others when it comes to LOVE. I know firsthand how scary, fearful and discouraging it can be at times. Yet I also know that moving past your fearful thoughts, taking a deep breath and truly being brave can bring you the most extraordinary and incredible rewards that you could never even dream of. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in what is happening in your daily life. What I have now come to understand is that in order to CREATE GREAT LOVE we must focus beyond the current challenge or distraction to the outcome that we want to create for ourselves.

This week I encourage you to look beyond outer circumstances and appearances to the TRUTH that is always within you.

My picture this week was taken at H & M clothing store in Germany. I am constantly seeing more items than ever before with beautiful reminders to us all…the world is waking up to what’s truly important! Hooray!!!

Love is All Around Tshirt

Love heaps
Samantha xo

Quote: “Awareness is all about restoring your freedom to choose what you want instead of what your past imposes on you”. – Deepak Chopra


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1. Understand yourself and what you want to create in your relationship

2. Know that your sense of well being is not dependent on someone else’s behavior

3. Focus on what you want

4. Decide that your happiness will be dependent only on your own alignment

5. Simply imagine your life the way you want it to be

My picture this week is a bride about to walk down the aisle in a beautiful historic church in Warsaw, Poland.


Love heaps
Samantha xo

“Love is not love
Which alters when it alteration finds,
Or bends with the remover to remove.
O no, it is an ever-fixed mark
That looks on tempests and is never shaken”
– William Shakespeare


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The rewards of love are huge and beyond description. However, sometimes Love asks things from us:

Love asks us to be daring
Love asks us to be brave
Love asks us to step outside of our comfort zone
Love asks us to stretch and grow
Love asks us to take risks

If we are able to do any one of these things at the time when it is called for, we are guaranteed to be rewarded with the greatest LOVE we have ever known.

Why doesn’t everyone have this type of GREAT LOVE?

Because not everyone is willing to take such a big leap of faith
Because it’s scary
Because we can get hurt
Because we can appear foolish

However, if we just take that next step what we find is the most wonderful confidence in ourselves that we could ever imagine. We become more of our true selves. We become more of the person we knew was always inside of us, we just had to have the courage to take action.

Why would we go through all of this?

Because our hearts and souls know the absolute exquisite, magnificient, deliciousness that is TRUE LOVE.

My picture this week was on the car right in front of me while I was in the grocery store parking lot… it says everything.

I choose love sticker

This week CHOOSE LOVE!

Love heaps
Samantha xo

“ Courageousness is not the absence of fear. It is the state of battling fear to do what frightens you anyway. “– Anonymous


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What is a good relationship to me?

A wonderful therapist friend of mine encouraged me to ask myself that question. When she first proposed it to me it felt overwhelming to answer. It also felt a little scary to me.

I think that it is a huge question and one we don’t ever seem to ask ourselves. What does a good relationship look like in my opinion?

So I got out my journal and began to answer What is a good relationship to me? I was surprised how easily the words just flowed and before I knew I had over a page of what a good relationship looks like to me. Things like:

Being loved for who I am
Open honest transparent communication
Listening to each other
Supportive of each other
Caring & kind to each other
Having new experiences together
Sharing different activities together
Warmth and affection
Spending quality time together
Time to be with my own friends
Taking a nap together
Relaxing together
Speaking up if you are challenged
Being present

Then a miracle happened… I asked the person I love to do the same and we had a really great time sharing each other’s thoughts and ideas. It helped us both to identify what we want and to see each other more clearly.

I encourage you to spend some time this week asking yourself the question “What Is A Good Relationship To Me?” and writing down whatever comes out. It is truly a beneficial and worthwhile exercise and one that is sure to give you some clarity on how to CREATE GREAT LOVE in your own life.

My picture this week came to me as I was shopping around town… it makes me smile cause I LOVE things that sparkle!

Sparkling Heart

Love heaps
Samantha xo

“Love is everything it’s cracked up to be… worth fighting for, being brave for, risking everything for.”
– Erica Jong (American Author & Teacher)


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