Sometimes the most challenging thing in the whole world is to allow the person you are in a relationship with to be who they are.  Especially if their choices or actions seem to ‘go against’ what we think or what we believe they ‘should’ do.  I am learning to allow others to be who they are anyway because I wish to create a relationship that feels open and expansive.  I would not want someone else telling me what to do or how I should behave.  That just feels so constricting and controlling.  So why would I impose that on someone else.  I am certain that great freedom can exist within a wonderful relationship and that it is easy to allow this way of being with another.  Believing it is the key and being aware of our own behavior really helps.

The other part is being open to allow love to come to you.  How do you do this you may ask?  Well it may not be the simplest answer however I have come to understand that reminding myself to consciously stay open especially in those times when I want to close off or shut down.  Particularly when I have been hurt or disappointed.  That is the time when I talk to myself and say “I know this feels uncomfortable however I want GREAT LOVE in my life.  I choose to experience GREAT LOVE in my life, so I am not going to do what I have always done and close off, NO!  This time I am going to remain open no matter what, even if it feels scary because I know on the other side of this fear is the real love that I want.  The kind of truly amazing love that I have been wanting for a long time. “

It takes such courage to allow ourselves to love and be loved.  Why do we do it?  Because we know that there is nothing in the whole wide world more wonderful than the divine, delicious, amazing feeling of GREAT LOVE!!!  It’s heavenly!!!!!!  It’s just so beautiful and exquisite!!!!!

One of my all time favorite movies is “Love Actually”  there is a scene towards the end of the film when the young boy is at the airport and he finally has the courage to tell the girl he likes, how he feels and she responds by giving him a kiss.  He runs back to his Dad and jumps up to hug him with his arms outstretched like he is flying!!!!  That is what great love feels like – for us as humans it is the closest feeling to flying that we can experience.  The tag line for the movie is “Love Actually is All Around.”  This week I have evidential proof of this statement that I am going to share with you today.  In all my 20+ years of driving a car, both in Australia and in the U.S, I have never, ever, seen anything like what I pulled up next to while driving one morning this week……..





Allow yourself to love others this week. Even and especially if you feel they don’t ‘deserve’ it. 

Allow yourself to remain open to love this week.  Even and especially if it feels scary & vulnerable to do so.

And watch what happens!


I love you.

Samantha xo




Are you always thinking to yourself, “Wow, there’s so, so, so much love in the world! How come I didn’t always see it, night and day, here and there, between every blink, word, and moment? How could I have ever felt sad, alone, or down? I’m so, so, so grateful just to be… especially to be me!”

You will, you will. 

Love on,
    The Universe  

– Mike Dooley. “Notes from the Universe” at





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