Happy Springtime from Los Angeles Dear Readers! I felt drawn to speak about the topic of “HAPPINESS” this week. What is happiness? The dictionary defines happiness as – contentment, pleasure, joy, bliss, delight, exhilaration & ecstasy.

Within the context of a relationship I have learned that happiness does not come from another person. We hear all the time ‘Get Happy First’. I must tell you I have to agree that is the ‘Secret’ formula. Being happy in myself, pleasing myself, being content in myself really are such important ingredients in the recipe to “CREATE GREAT LOVE”. I know at times it can be a delicate balance to give to your partner and still be loving to ourselves. I also know that we must be diligent about our own self-care. Why you may ask? Because if we are depleted within ourselves we will not have anything to offer someone else.

I am also certain about our capacity for GREAT LOVE, just when you think you can’t give any more; we actually have an endless, bottomless supply. It never ends. We just choose to either keep giving Love or we cut it off.

What does it feel like to be happy in a wonderful love relationship? It just feels GOOD. It feels EASY, it feels COMFORTABLE, it feels REAL, it feels CERTAIN, it feels like CONFIDENCE, it feels FUN, it feels EXCITING, it feels ENTICING, it feels CAPTIVATING, it feels like LOVE, it feels like BEING LOVED, it feels DELICIOUS!!!

One of my most favorite songs ever is ‘HAPPY’ by Pharrell Williams. Whenever I hear it I cannot possibly be still I just HAVE to dance and sing along. It instantly makes me feel Happy! I saw Pharrell being interviewed on TV last week on “Oprah” and he was telling her how he wrote the song for the movie “Despicable Me 2”. He went on to say that he submitted 9 different songs to the studio which were all rejected and that it wasn’t until he surrendered and ‘gave up’ that “Happy” finally came to him.

Sometimes I think we try to force ourselves to get happy when really what we need to do is surrender, relax, find the joy within and let things take care of themselves.

Here is some “Happy” to get you in the mood: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y6Sxv-sUYtM

And of course my picture this week ……..

Happy Face Love Balloon

Love heaps
Samantha xo

“Happiness is just being together” – Samantha Rosen

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