Love really is truly amazing in that it has the power to overcome any perceived border. I have learned that it’s very important not to make judgments where love is concerned. We see all kinds of relationships and different types of couples. On the surface it may look a certain way, however I have come to know that only the people in the relationship know what works for them. To outsiders it may look strange, odd, a mismatch, unconventional yet we are not present during those intimate moments. We cannot possibly understand or know why a particular relationship works, when we are viewing it from a distance.

Love is grand, unique, spectacular, brilliant and just so divine! We know deep down when it feels right and good to us. One of the most incredible aspects of the internet is the fact that so many couples now are pairing up from different countries around the world. It is truly extraordinary and so wonderful! In the past most people only met someone from overseas if they actually went to that country, now it is becoming common place to partner with someone from the other side of the world. This is so good to me because it is expanding our view of the world in general. We are seeing and experiencing other people’s customs and ways of living and we are incorporating them into our own lives.

I would personally love to see a world with no borders! How incredible and amazing would it be if Love was the catalyst! This is an example of what Bob Marley sang about in ‘One Love’. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. says “Love is understanding, creative, redemptive good will for all men” and in another of his empowering speeches he goes on to say “We must make of this old world, a new world”. I just love that!! Bring it on!! In my opinion there has been too much separation for too long. I believe we are all craving a new world, one where GREAT LOVE takes the lead.

My picture this week while I was driving around town demonstrates to me that love can be found in the most unexpected places…..

One Love Truck a

Look a little closer…..

One Love Truck2

Love Heaps
Samantha xo

“CREATE GREAT LOVE that works for you, no matter what society or anyone else decides. You know what feels good to you.” – Samantha Rosen

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