We nourish ourselves with food. How do we nourish love? Shakespeare declared that it could be with music. I believe it is through unlimited patience, being kind, having faith, acting on your inspiration, honest communication and appreciation.

Nourishing ourselves is of utmost importance. Then giving time and room to nourish the relationship. Why do we want to nourish a relationship? Because just like our body it works so much better with the right kind of fuel. Part of it for me is investing time and also being open to connecting with that other person. Being aware of things they might like. Knowing what is enjoyable to them and doing those things because you want to. Not because you have to. Loving them anyway even if they are having an ‘off’ day.

Why do we want to put so much into nourishing a relationship? Because the rewards are truly exquisite!! Creating great love with a partner is truly what we are meant to experience. We are meant to experience love, the most extraordinary love imaginable. We are meant to walk around with a ‘glow’ of being in love. We are meant to share our life with someone we love with all our heart and soul. We are meant to be excited to see them and spend time with them. We are meant to have fun together. We are meant to have a beautiful life together. We are meant to experience the rush of tingles all over our body when they look into our eyes. We are meant to feel like we are ‘home’ when we are cuddling in their arms. We are meant to experience all of this and MORE!!

Feel free to leave your comments below on how you nourish love and how you like to be nourished.

My picture this week is truly amazing!! I bought a bag of potatoes and cooked them in a pot with boiling water (I have done this many times over the years) this week as I was taking them out of the pot this is what I found ……

Heart Potato

Love heaps
Samantha xo


“If music be the food of love, play on…”
– William Shakespeare

“If nourishment be the food of love, bring it on!”
– Samantha Rosen

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