Natural Order

The natural world has such perfect built in timing. Leaves know when to fall, flowers know when to bloom. They do not rush and it is all done with such ease and perfect flow.

I am certain that this natural order is also intrinsically built into human beings and that this gentle blossoming applies to our love relationships as well. It may take time and it may be at different speeds however it is there and it does exist.

I am personally interested in growth. Growth in all areas of my life, particularly to Create Great Love and also growth within myself. Sometimes we can get discouraged and it feels like there is no movement, however that is the time that you must KEEP GOING!!! I have come to know that is the time when the breakthrough is ready to occur. Just when you feel like you want to give up.

It is during these times that I am reminded of a blade of grass – from the surface we just see the dirt and it looks likes nothing is happening however just beneath the surface there is so much growth, new life and activity happening even though we cannot see it. If we continue to feed it with water and sunshine we know that it will burst forth through the surface in all its glory. It really is about trusting in the unseen and trusting in the natural rhythm and flow of life.

This week’s picture came to me while I was on vacation walking around Las Vegas ……


Love heaps
Samantha xo


“Sometimes Love moves at a snails pace but it is always protected, always moving, always breathing, always living, always beautiful” – Gerald C. Rivers

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