Sometimes we need to have the eyes to see love. What does this mean? Well sometimes love is not obvious. Sometimes it means feeding the dog for someone who is running late to an appointment. Sometimes it means being kind and supportive to someone even if they are being moody, blaming, grumpy and not particularly loving towards you. Why you may ask? Well what if the reason your beloved forgot about the dog is because they were so focused on getting to where they needed to be on time. What if they are being moody because they are concerned about their family members health right now. Sometimes we need to see through the ‘reality’ of what is going on around us and with laser sharp focus see through to the ‘truth’ of the situation. See through to the GREAT LOVE that is at the core and center of our being.

I sometimes feel like society has ingrained in us that it is somehow weak to love and be loving. Yet I am certain that the exact opposite is true. It takes great strength to be loving especially in times that are not necessarily obvious and those are the times that we must remind ourselves that it feels so good to love. It feels really good to be kind and gentle no matter how the other person is choosing to be in that moment.

I actually believe we are now starting to see a renaissance of love. This year in particular, I have never seen so many people walking around with the word LOVE written on their clothing, bags, jewelry and other items. It is almost like they are reminding us of this incredibly powerful word and the action that goes along with it. I believe we can never have enough daily reminders to LOVE.

My picture this week is a sample of one of those reminders…..TO SIMPLY LOVE.

Love Necklace

Love heaps
Samantha xo

“Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye”
– H. Jackson Brown Jr. (Author of “Life’s Little Instruction Book”)

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