Create Great Love by allowing the deepest part of you to come out – your true self. Maybe even the one you have been afraid to show to anyone. The real you.

Be loved, accepted and appreciated for who you are.

True love is simple. True love is easy. True love is comfortable. True love just flows. True love is natural. True love is light hearted. True love is timeless. True love puts a smile on your face. True love feels amazing!!!

What would it feel like to be with your perfect partner? That is a question I like to ponder as often as I can each day.

Be willing to open your heart to true love. Love that is kind and nourishing. Love that makes you feel like someone is there for you. This kind of love truly makes life so much better.

My picture while driving around town this week shows me that love is about perspective and how you choose to look at things. Often love is staring us directly in the face….

Heart mountains

Love heaps
Samantha xo

“The true source of lasting love and passion: it starts from within.”
– Tony Robbins

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