One of the first steps to CREATE GREAT LOVE is to believe in it!

You have to believe it is possible in order to create it for yourself in your life. I feel so truly grateful to have always known and believed in LOVE. It’s just a part of who I am. What is truly amazing about that is I never had any demonstrations of it in my experience growing up. I never saw those around me demonstrating GREAT LOVE but somewhere there was a knowingness that it existed, that is was real and that is was possible for me and for everyone.

What is a belief? A belief is just a thought you keep thinking over and over again. So I encourage you to examine what your beliefs are around the topic of LOVE. And if those beliefs are no longer of value to you then begin the process of changing them. How do you do that you may ask? Well it is a moment by moment choice. When you catch yourself having a negative or outdated thought about LOVE, you can choose to pause in that moment and say to yourself “Does this thought feel good to me?” If it doesn’t, then replace it with a thought that does feel good and is more in alignment with the type of GREAT LOVE you wish to CREATE. An example would be “I always have bad luck with love.” The new thought to replace that could be “Today is a fresh new day. I am no longer living in the past. I get to create my love life as I want it to be now.”


Great LOVE is truly magical…Just Believe!


My picture this week continues the hat theme! My dear friend who is a huge tennis fan got into the car with me and this is what she was wearing….


Lu Love Hat


Love heaps

Samantha xo



“The past does not equal the future.” – Anthony Robbins


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