Great Love feels like sweet gentle kisses on the nape of your neck. Great Love feels like intertwining your bodies together from your toes to your legs, arms and hands. Great Love feels like lying on the sofa holding hands while watching TV together. Great Love feels like you are home when you are with your sweetheart. Great Love feels like never giving up. Great Love feels like long hugs where your heartbeats combine. Great Love feels like you just want to be close. Great Love feels like wherever they are you just want to be there. Great Love feels like contributing to each other’s lives making them better in some way. Great Love feels like staring lovingly into each other’s eyes from opposite sides of a room filled with people. Great Love feels like your sweetheart cooking a meal for you just the way you like it. Great Love feels like having a new adventure together. Great Love feels like having an intimate conversation with each other regarding a topic you are passionate about.

When you find your Great Love you just know. It is a feeling deep inside. No matter if there are obstacles to overcome, you are certain they will be solved. No matter how or why. No matter the time, space or distance. No matter what. Where does this knowingness come from? It comes from your soul. From the deepest part of your intuition. From the light that is within you.

My picture this week came to me as I was walking out my front door. Just a day before there was nothing and then today – full bloom – a bright shining sunfilled light. I am certain that Great Love went into the creation of this….


Love heaps
Samantha xo

“Love is like a rosebush sometimes it is pruned to reveal only the bare twigs it is then you must have faith and patience that the beautiful roses are on their way and will bloom and flourish into their fullness.” – Samantha Rosen

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