I often read the daily news online at Yahoo and it is guaranteed there is sure to be an article somewhere on there about love and relationships. Often times it’s a ‘how to’ piece. Like how to have a successful marriage or what to do on a date. This week though was different. I came across a piece about a woman who is successful, has a good career, owns her own home however she was unmarried. She went on to explain that the people around her constantly question what is wrong with her and why isn’t she married with children. It was so refreshing to hear her say that she felt like people do not question marriage or relationships or having children that they just expect that is what everyone should do. Often times it’s out of tradition not necessarily because we actually want it.

I agree wholeheartedly that we must really look at our own individual situations and lives and ask ourselves questions like: Do I want to be married? Do I want to have children? Do I want to have a committed relationship? When it comes to creating great love THERE ARE NO RULES! That is the gift we have been given as humans – we get to choose. We get to decide what GREAT LOVE looks like to us. It does not have to conform to anyone else’s view or opinion. It is such an individual choice. Thank goodness we no longer live in the times of Jane Austen when women had to marry well to secure their future. Instead now we get to create our own future exactly as we want it to be. What a relief!!!

This week’s picture was right beside me on the freeway in Los Angeles. I find the words such a great reminder and I just adore that the car is red!!!

Givnlove car

Love heaps
Samantha xo

“In dreams and in love there are no impossibilities”.
– Janos Arnay (Hungarian Journalist, Writer & Poet)

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