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The rewards of love are huge and beyond description. However, sometimes Love asks things from us:

Love asks us to be daring
Love asks us to be brave
Love asks us to step outside of our comfort zone
Love asks us to stretch and grow
Love asks us to take risks

If we are able to do any one of these things at the time when it is called for, we are guaranteed to be rewarded with the greatest LOVE we have ever known.

Why doesn’t everyone have this type of GREAT LOVE?

Because not everyone is willing to take such a big leap of faith
Because it’s scary
Because we can get hurt
Because we can appear foolish

However, if we just take that next step what we find is the most wonderful confidence in ourselves that we could ever imagine. We become more of our true selves. We become more of the person we knew was always inside of us, we just had to have the courage to take action.

Why would we go through all of this?

Because our hearts and souls know the absolute exquisite, magnificient, deliciousness that is TRUE LOVE.

My picture this week was on the car right in front of me while I was in the grocery store parking lot… it says everything.

I choose love sticker

This week CHOOSE LOVE!

Love heaps
Samantha xo

“ Courageousness is not the absence of fear. It is the state of battling fear to do what frightens you anyway. “– Anonymous

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