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The term balance is defined as a state in which a body or object remains reasonably steady in a particular position. When I think about how to CREATE GREAT LOVE in my life the term BALANCE is always a part of that equation. I choose a balanced relationship. This can refer to so many aspects. A balance of time spent together and time spent apart. A balance of an equal partnership where both people are giving of themselves in equal amounts. A balance of sharing in each other’s life. A balance of talking verses listening. A balance of communicating and just being. The list goes on.

I understand it is not always 100% balanced in every relationship. However, if both people involved are conscious and aware when things begin to get out of balance, and make a choice to course correct at that time and bring things back into alignment, the result will always be more GREAT LOVE.

It feels good to have a balanced relationship. It feels easy and flowing. It feels comfortable and sure.

We all have full lives and we can at times get distracted. It is important though to pay attention and do the very best you can to create balance in your relationship. It shows your partner that you are willing to be flexible and move things around. It gives you the feeling of stability and certainty when things are in balance. When a sense of balance is the solid foundation for your relationship extraordinary LOVE can flourish and grow.

I encourage you this week to focus on creating more BALANCE.

My picture this week was literally a big sparking and rotating disco ball style heart that flashed to me as I drove past a store in North Hollywood. There is no flashier ‘sign’ of Love than this one!…..


Love heaps
Samantha xo

“When you’re comfortable with someone you love, the silence is the best.” – Britney Spears

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