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Sometimes we hold on to things so tightly within ourselves, it stops us from having room to breathe and space to grow.

Sometimes it just doesn’t matter.

It’s ok. It’s just the freedom of breathing space and expansion arriving in our life.
For a long time I have wanted things to go a certain way. I have had glimpses of that bliss but never any real consistency to go deeper and experience even more soul filled LOVE that I know resides beneath the next layer.

The miracle of today when I woke up (Literally and figuratively) is that it doesn’t matter. It’s all ok either way. I don’t have to wish and hope so hard for things to be a certain way. I can find peace where I am. I can be ok with myself. I can be ok if it doesn’t show up right now. It’s alright. And that feels like such a huge relief.

I encourage you this week to lesson your grip on the things that matter to you so much and in the process you might just find some peace.

My picture of LOVE this week was right in front of me as I drove home from work on the freeway…


Love Samantha xo

“True Love always finds a way.” – Samantha Rosen

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