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Today imagine the most beautiful, most exquisite, most delicious, most magical LOVE you have ever known. Whether it is actually real or not. Just put yourself into that space. What would it feel like to be with your perfect partner? What would it feel like to know that you are truly loved?

Sometimes the outer exterior does not reflect our inner desires however it is our ‘job’ to focus and imagine the beauty of what we do desire. It is important not to get caught up in the details of ‘reality’. Instead turn your attention to the way you want things to look like. We all want ease, love, peace, joy, fun, passion, bliss in our relationships and we can have them, it’s just a matter of where you put your focus.

If you are a visual person it’s easier to imagine in pictures, seeing images of what you want, for others it may not be as specific but more of a feeling that comes over you. Either way it’s important to take time each day to imagine and feel what GREAT LOVE is for you.

An exercise I encourage you to do this week is to imagine and write down a story of a romantic evening you would like. Really get into it. See and feel every detail from beginning to end. Allow it to put a huge smile on your face. Let your mind roam free. See the location, the smells, the colors, what you are wearing, what you are doing, who is there with you and how the evening’s details play out. The most important part is to have fun with it and allow yourself to feel as if you are truly there.

My picture this week showed up when I was at the carwash….I LOVE this saying because sometimes the word LOVE is not enough to describe your depth of feeling for another.


Love heaps
Samantha xo

“Love is a Journey. Love Believes. Love Never Ends.” – Jeremiah 29:11

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