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I have recently read that we are evolving as humans in a particular way right now at this time on the planet. Alternative Healer and Coach, Elizabeth Peru, from Australia wrote that we are now evolving into humans that CARE. We are seeing demonstrations of this caring all over the world. She says “ You ask yourself, “Would I like this for myself?” You imagine what it is like for the other person and when you do this you bring it back to you…BE THE ONE WHO CARES.”

I really LOVE what she is saying because that is one of the main ingredients in creating GREAT LOVE. TO CARE. Firstly for yourself and then for another and then for the people you come in contact with each day. To LOVE and CARE for another person is truly one of the most rewarding experiences we can have. Loving your partner feels soooo good! Caring for them and knowing you have made a difference in their life is THE BEST feeling in the world! Sharing life together, moving forward together, being there for each other, telling them how you feel and knowing you will be heard is truly a gift.

If you think about it, what is it that makes us care? Is it our heart, our minds or our soul? Maybe it’s a combination of all three. I don’t profess to have the answer. I just know it feels so good to care. I also know sometimes caring can feel scary because you can’t control what happens with the receiver of that caring but I am continuing to care anyway because I know it makes us all feel really good.

I encourage you this week to find some new ways to show others that you CARE.

My picture this week came to me while I was at Target. It just makes me smile!! So Happy!!

Love Rainbow Pillow

Love heaps
Samantha xo

“Thus love has the magic power to make of a beggar a king. Yes, love is free; it can dwell in no other atmosphere.”
– Emma Goldman (An anarchist known for her political activism, writing, and speeches)

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