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Finding Love can happen anytime, anywhere to anyone. Sometimes it comes all at once in big wave, sometimes it flows gently, building and deepening as time progresses and other times it is a combination of both, moving forwards and backwards and forwards once more just as the ocean laps the shore. With all of this energy moving around it is so important to take time to appreciate what you have with someone that you Love. The relationship may not look perfect and it may not be in a place where you ultimately want it to be, however, even if you have the tiniest drop of something to appreciate in the big ocean of Love you must remember to honor and be grateful for what you do have.

Appreciation sometimes requires us to have laser like focus and keep our thoughts very positive despite what is happening around us. Sometimes it requires us to ‘be the bigger person’ and to be appreciative even if there are elements that we don’t like. I have learned from the wonderful author Esther Hicks that the words ‘Love’ and ‘Appreciation’ are interchangeable and carry the same high vibration. Sometimes it’s hard to Love people when they are making choices you don’t agree with or that inadvertently cause us pain, however, it is always easy to find things that you can appreciate about them. An exercise I do often is to write a list of all the things I appreciate about a person. Once you start writing, you will find that you get on a roll and you find so much to appreciate that you never realized before. I encourage you to do this exercise as a way to CREATE GREAT LOVE in your life on a regular basis. We all truly have so much to appreciate.

This week take some time to reflect on what you are grateful for and tell the people you Love that you appreciate them.

My picture this week came to me from the window of the gift store at The Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles. I was there seeing the magnificent Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra play the music from “Cinderella”. The picture is a confirmation to me of all the little parts of Love that add up to one big beautiful GREAT LOVE!

Window Hearts

Love heaps
Samantha xo

“She is the heart that strikes a whole octave. After her all songs are possible.”
– Ranier Maria Rilke (A Bohemian-Austrian poet and novelist)

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