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There are several ingredients that go into making a healthy meal.  The same goes for creating healthy Love.  We all have our different recipes.  Some are handed down from our ancestors, some we create ourselves through trial and error.  My recipe to Create Great Love is as follows:

Communication – Speaking up and speaking your truth especially when it is difficult to do so.

Honesty – Being honest first with yourself, then with the one you Love.

Intimacy – Closeness on all levels, physical and emotional.  Taking the time to listen and to be heard.

Fun – Taking time to enjoy life together.

Trust – Keeping your word, taking action and doing what you say you will.

Being Present – Staying in the here and now. Acknowledging the moment you are in, being free from distractions.

Rest – Spending quiet time with yourself.  Taking space if you need to re-fuel.

Passion & Romance – Demonstrating your Love to another. Knowing what is important to them.

Teamwork – Supporting, nurturing and caring for each other.  Having a real partnership.

And finally all great recipes have a Secret Ingredient.  Mine is Forgiveness.  Remembering we are all doing the best we can and we all want the opportunity to Love and be Loved.

What is your recipe for Love?

My picture this week came to me while driving home from the nail salon.  It was placed on a tree outside someone’s house!


Love heaps

Samantha xo


“We need not think alike to love alike.”

– Ferenc David (Unitarian preacher, writer, and theologian)

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