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There is nothing sweeter or more wonderful in this whole world than pure, true heartfelt Love for another being.  Seeing and watching the person you love stepping into their greatness; that is heartfelt Love.  Feeling so proud of who they are and what they do, observing that brings so much joy and pleasure.  Also knowing they are proud of you makes everything better.  We all need a champion in our corner.  Someone who is there for us, who cheers us on, who believes in us and has faith in us.

Heartfelt Love also means following your own heart, being open to Great Love, willingly giving and receiving Love, sharing Love and the wonderful experiences it brings.  Being willing to delve deeper into the delicious parts of Love, the exquisite moments of Love that only come when you are no longer afraid of what Great Love can be in your life.

I think that the majority of us have grown up in societies that tell us to listen to the practical thoughts in our head, when truly we all need to be listening to our hearts.  Our heart will never lead us astray.  What we think and feel with our heart is the purest connection to the magic of the Universe that we have on this earth.  We just get to choose whether or not we listen to it.

I encourage you this week to listen to your heart more, rather than your head.  The heart always knows the truth.

My picture this week was taken in the Nordstrom department store.  It is the perfect reminder.  Imagine what life would be like if we all lived this way following our heart ……. truly magnificent!!

Follow your heart

Love heaps

Samantha xo


“Love is the foundation you can always count on.”

– John-Roger, D.D.S.

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