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Why is it so difficult sometimes for people to declare their Love for another person?  They may fully feel that Love, they may believe it in their heart, yet they are struggling with letting the world know how much they Love this other person in their life.

What is that?  Is it fear of failure?  Is it fear of commitment? Is it fear of success or fear of change?  What holds someone back from declaring their Love? Why keep it a secret?  Why hide it?  Loving someone is the most natural thing in the whole wide world.  OUR TRUEST NATURE IS TO LOVE.  So what stops us?

What is stopping you from declaring your LOVE?  Why play it safe?

You know when it’s time.  You know how you feel.  Great Love is to be treasured, nurtured, admired, protected and enjoyed.  It is to be celebrated!!  If you have GREAT LOVE in your life let it shine so that it may light the way for others.

This week I encourage you to take that leap of faith.  Without expectation for the outcome.  SIMPLY DECLARE YOUR LOVE.  Be unafraid to express it to the world, for in that, you will find true freedom.

My picture this week was a literal sign outside the macaroon store at the mall.  Simple and directly to the point.

Sign All You Need is Love

Love heaps

Samantha xo


“I felt that I admired you, but I told myself it was only friendship; and till I began to make comparisons between yourself and Lucy, I did not know how far I was got.”
― Jane Austen

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