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If you pay attention to nature you will see how the natural order of Love is demonstrated to us every day.  Examples of TWO are all around us in nature.

I often see birds in the sky flying by or sitting together on a wire high above the street and I have begun to notice that the majority of the time there are always two birds together.  Very occasionally there is a whole flock and very rarely do I see one bird by itself.  Most of the time there are two birds together.

There are many other examples of TWO in nature.  Plants and trees need both Sun AND Rain in order to grow and flourish.  Also in order for plants to bloom they need a bee AND pollen from a flower.  Even the fact that it takes TWO humans to create a child is by design no accident.

Real and GREAT LOVE is between TWO people – no one else.  It is certain.  It exists and it is truly magical!!  Yes we can Love other people in different ways, such as our family and friends.  However, I believe in order to CREATE GREAT LOVE in our own life, ONE must accept the fact that it starts and ends with TWO.

Here’s 2 GREAT LOVE!

My picture this week comes right from LOVE!  It’s a scratch off instant lottery ticket!  It was inspired by my Sweetheart!

Lucky Love Pic

Love heaps

Samantha xo


“In every living thing there is the desire for Love” – D.H. Lawrence (English Novelist, Poet & Playwright)

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