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GREAT LOVE is about uplifting your partner, not tearing them down, not referring to them as stupid, name calling behind their back or to their face.  It’s about getting to the root of your own feelings of anger, not blaming someone else for the way you feel.

GREAT LOVE is about being supportive, encouraging one another, believing in the good and the Love that is within you and between you.  It’s about caring for yourself and the one you Love.  Feeling proud when you talk about them to others.  It’s about knowing that GREAT LOVE can overcome anything.  LOVE has the power to transform your past, your perceived issues, any outside circumstances and heal you in the most profound way.

Simply put GREAT LOVE conquers all.

My picture this week came to me when I just “happened” to look down at the ground in front of me.  Sometimes it’s how the gap is filled in that makes all the difference.

Puddle Heart

Love heaps

Samantha xo


“Love is.  It is noninterfering.  It is supporting.” – John-Roger, D.S.S. (American Author, Founder of the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness)

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