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LOVE  is not EITHER/OR.   LOVE is constant.  LOVE is all the time.   If you want to have a successful relationship you don’t get to pick and choose when you want to LOVE.  You either LOVE or you don’t.  You are either in or you’re out.  You are either loving or you are not.

People think LOVE can be turned on and off like a tap, it cannot.  LOVE is a river that flows all the time, constantly and with free flowing movement.

Why do some people stop themselves from having healthy loving relationships?  They put up all kinds of excuses and roadblocks in the way.  I think it’s partly fear of the unknown or fear of repeating the past or fear of the future.  True Love if you allow it, is soft, gentle and sure.   It’s easy and comfortable.  Over the years I have come to understand that moving into your fear, leaning towards it actually dissipates it and lessens the fear a great deal.  A lot of people stay stuck on the sidelines, never really moving forward or backward just staying stagnant because that is what feels most comfortable for them.  Not messing with what is makes them feel safer somehow.

If you want to CREATE GREAT LOVE, if you want to experience the most joyful, magical and exquisite type of LOVE then you will need to take risks and take action!  Inspired action!  Divine action!  The type of action that busts through your level of fear.  Take a step forward.  What are you waiting for?


Show LOVE that you want it.  Demonstrate it.  Prove you are interested in it.  And you are willing to do what is necessary to LET IT IN!


This week is a call to ACTION.  What step forward will you take?


My picture this week was taken on my trip to the mall.  A coincidence?  I think not…..


Weekend Love

Love heaps

Samantha xo


“We are built for relationship. Connection. Partnership. Not because the other person “completes us” but because we all yearn to share this life with a person, we love and who love us.” – Mastin Kipp (Author of the Daily Love blog)


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