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There are many layers to being in a LOVE relationship.  Just when you think you have discovered all there is to know, yet another layer appears.  Some people get scared of the layers they ‘have a moment’ where they think to themselves ‘whoa I better put on the brakes here for a minute, because this is getting DEEP!’  Yet instead of stopping the flow and stopping your progress that is the very time to delve deeper, go deeper, explore what is there and what is showing up.  There is deliciousness in the layers like the rich layers of your favorite cake or pastry.  The creation process may be a delicate balance to get it just right but the end result is soooooo worth it!!!

I think that is what keeps us interested and keeps relationships moving forward by discovering the layers.  What is most important to ask yourself  – what are you personally focusing on?  Are you focusing on the challenges, the differences between you and another?  Or are you focused on the wonderful things about them and how grateful you are to have them in your life?  By focusing on the positive aspects of the other person you can literally turn your relationship into the most satisfying, delicious and sweetest one you have ever known.  What are you focusing on today?

My picture this week comes from an exquisite bouquet of roses I received from my beloved, one of the leaves just thrilled me to pieces!!!!

Heart Leaf

Love heaps

Samantha xo

Affirmation:  Today I make room for LOVE in my life.


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