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I am a heartfelt writer originally from Sydney, Australia, now also a US Citizen living in Los Angeles. My lifelong dream was to come to America and be able to live and work here. It took me 10 years of extraordinary sacrifice and struggle to overcome incredible obstacles to make that dream a reality. I understand what it’s like to have a dream you want so very much, more than anything in the world. I also know what it takes to achieve that dream…it’s a daily process of never giving up. Even when it looks like everything is against you and you feel like you will never get there. So I am here now to encourage you about LOVE. Not just ok love, not just alright love but exquisite, life altering, magnificent, truly delicious GREAT LOVE!

I decided to write this blog because I have come across many people who truly feel discouraged about love, real love, romantic love, delicious love. I think many people have lost faith in love. Many are stuck in their past experiences of love and so I have chosen to take up a new cause. The cause for LOVE! I am declaring that I am here to ‘encourage and uplift you about love’. This blog is dedicated to the magic and magnificence of Love. The type of love that is sweet, kind, gentle, loving and sincere. It’s REAL and it DOES exist.

I have been working in various offices as an assistant my whole career and I always knew there was more to life than that for me. I knew there was something much more meaningful for me to do in this world. I knew that I had an extraordinary ability to see into people’s relationships. I would silently observe the dynamic of some of the employees’ love lives. I saw bosses who stayed long hours at the office when they really didn’t need to but were avoiding going home. I saw men who I thought were intelligent, strong and courageous turn into complete mush when it came to the women in their lives. I saw a lot of lonely people who had become so bitter and angry about love that they had just given up completely. I saw women settling for someone ok so they didn’t have to be alone. I saw really lovely men who were brow beaten by demanding, bossy, high maintenance wives and girlfriends. I saw gorgeous women who were intelligent, loving and kind completely disrespect themselves in the ‘pursuit’ to find someone and I thought to myself there is so much more to LOVE than what everyone around me is seeing and experiencing.

What made me decide to do this you may ask? Well it seems that for some reason I have always been so strong in my faith of romantic love. Even as a child my Mum would say ‘You always see the world through rose colored glasses.’ For many years my friends have naturally come to me to talk about their issues around love and I truly feel I have been given great insight to see into their situations and know what it is they need to hear or to suggest things that would really help them and make a difference in their life. Also I experience GREAT LOVE myself and know that it is one of the most divine experiences that we as humans can have. It takes great courage to allow it in and it is also to be cherished and appreciated when it arrives.

Who are my inspirations? Number one is Esther Hicks/Abraham (look her up on YouTube) she speaks such universal truth. Also Author Doreen Virtue whose work with Angels is so near and dear to my heart! And Author Neale Donald Walsch whose conversations are extraordinary. Also Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who was speaking to all people as one. As well as the beauty of nature and flowers – just looking at a rose makes me know that great love exists because so much love must have gone into the creation of something so exquisite and beautiful.

Let it be known that this is a place where you can feel free to share your feelings and to ask your most pressing questions about LOVE if you feel inspired to do so.

love heaps

Samantha xo

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. I am also inspired by Neale Donald Walsh and Dr. Martin Luther King. I agree, Love “is one of the most divine experiences that we as humans can have.” ~ Dennis

  2. Thank you for posting a picture, not everyone does.
    From looking at this picture: The light within you is So present. I see you haven’t lost your child-like innocence, which when you speak of love there’s this yummyness that comes through, and this comes from the richness of your innocence.
    And last, you not only find excitement in expressing your feelings through this blog site, you also have this great desire to physically engage with people through discussion. In other words, you’re far more thoughtfully engaging in person.

    Thank you for having the courage to share your light and love with us all, it’s always an enriched experience to listen to someone who is not afraid to speak from the heart in such a way that your personality shines.

    My love and gratitude to you… and yours.

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