There are many layers to being in a LOVE relationship.  Just when you think you have discovered all there is to know, yet another layer appears.  Some people get scared of the layers they ‘have a moment’ where they think to themselves ‘whoa I better put on the brakes here for a minute, because this […]


Finding Love can happen anytime, anywhere to anyone. Sometimes it comes all at once in big wave, sometimes it flows gently, building and deepening as time progresses and other times it is a combination of both, moving forwards and backwards and forwards once more just as the ocean laps the shore. With all of this […]


One of the first steps to CREATE GREAT LOVE is to believe in it! You have to believe it is possible in order to create it for yourself in your life. I feel so truly grateful to have always known and believed in LOVE. It’s just a part of who I am. What is truly […]