LOVE IS driving to your sweetheart’s house at midnight because you worked all day and they worked at night and it’s the only time you have to see each other that day. LOVE IS trusting your instincts and acting on them. LOVE IS knowing when to give the other person some space. LOVE IS being […]


Some people believe that LOVE and relationships are hardwork. I believe that LOVE is easy. It is our thoughts and at times our ego that make it difficult. If we allow our ego to rule our relationships then we are not being guided by Divine Love. Divine Love surrenders all to a higher power knowing […]


Simply put GREAT LOVE is truly delicious! GREAT LOVE feels to me like the most amazing piece of chocolate cake you have ever eaten! It’s rich and satisfying. It gives you a rush of energy. It feels soft and gentle. It’s sweet and lovely. It makes you feel good. It feels like home. It’s enjoyable. […]


TOP 5 WAYS TO CREATE GREAT LOVE: 1. Understand yourself and what you want to create in your relationship 2. Know that your sense of well being is not dependent on someone else’s behavior 3. Focus on what you want 4. Decide that your happiness will be dependent only on your own alignment 5. Simply […]


Happy Springtime from Los Angeles Dear Readers! I felt drawn to speak about the topic of “HAPPINESS” this week. What is happiness? The dictionary defines happiness as – contentment, pleasure, joy, bliss, delight, exhilaration & ecstasy. Within the context of a relationship I have learned that happiness does not come from another person. We hear […]