Sometimes when you don’t feel good or you are out of alignment it’s easy to take it out on the person who is closest to you.  We can unconsciously know that even if we are unkind, the person that we feel safe with will accept us even in our times of distress. For some of […]


I have recently read that we are evolving as humans in a particular way right now at this time on the planet. Alternative Healer and Coach, Elizabeth Peru, from Australia wrote that we are now evolving into humans that CARE. We are seeing demonstrations of this caring all over the world. She says “ You […]


We nourish ourselves with food. How do we nourish love? Shakespeare declared that it could be with music. I believe it is through unlimited patience, being kind, having faith, acting on your inspiration, honest communication and appreciation. Nourishing ourselves is of utmost importance. Then giving time and room to nourish the relationship. Why do we […]