Sometimes when you don’t feel good or you are out of alignment it’s easy to take it out on the person who is closest to you.  We can unconsciously know that even if we are unkind, the person that we feel safe with will accept us even in our times of distress. For some of […]


Communication is defined in the dictionary in several terms: 1. Exchange of information 2. Convey feelings or thoughts 3. Understand one another We often have individual and different styles of communication and one of the biggest challenges people say is “I don’t understand him/her”. Also many people cannot bear any form of confrontation and would […]


Sometimes I enjoy receiving a bargain or a discount. I know that it feels good to receive a ‘deal’. However, when it comes to LOVE it should never be discounted. On a physical level the blood flowing through our veins is what keeps us alive and thriving and on a soul level it is LOVE […]


Sometimes we need to have the eyes to see love. What does this mean? Well sometimes love is not obvious. Sometimes it means feeding the dog for someone who is running late to an appointment. Sometimes it means being kind and supportive to someone even if they are being moody, blaming, grumpy and not particularly […]